temporizador digital / montado en panel / de 4 dígitos / de 2 líneas
TI484801 Wachendorff Automation GmbH & Co. KG


  • Tecnología:


  • Montaje:

    montado en panel

  • Otras características:

    de 4 dígitos, de 2 líneas


Timer/Time lag relay TI484801

Timer/Time lag relay in 48 mm x 48 mm format;
Input: PNP, NPN, TTL; Output: 2 relays
Universal power supply
5 different operation modes
2-line LED display
Easy programming by front keys or software
Two relay outputs

The compact timer TI484801 is settable in 5 different modes: Timer-ON, Timer-OFF, Pause-Work, Oscillator, PWM (time-proportioned output), all options with independent setting of ON-OFF times. 3 digital inputs are available (NPN/PNP/Potential free contact) for external commands like Start, Stop, Reset; one input is also analogic in order to allow the modification of working times by external potentiometer. Due to the 5 different time bases (hundredths, tenths, seconds, minutes, hours), the timer is usable for a lot of different applications. In addition to an excellent cost effectiveness and highquality, the timer offers a rugged, compact housing and a brilliant display.