Guía lineal en miniatura FSK30
de bolasde precisióncompacta

guía lineal en miniatura
guía lineal en miniatura
guía lineal en miniatura
guía lineal en miniatura
guía lineal en miniatura
guía lineal en miniatura
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de bolas
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de precisión, compacta, motorizada, en miniatura


【Technical Feature】 FSL30 Series are trapezoidal rods ball screw linear guides. With delicate design and strong practicability, FSL30 is the best choice for customers who require compact, light and micro modules. 【Range of Application】 It can be used in Laser cutting machine, PV back sheet cutting engraving machine, transportation mechanical arm, assistant device, electric research test function demonstration, kinds of industrail automatic production line, kinds of precision machinery processing. 【】 Certification: ISO, CE, FCC, RoHS Series: FSL30 Stroke Range: 50mm~300mm Position Accuracy: 0.05mm Max Speed: 300mm/s Max Load: 3kg Ball Screw Diameter: 0802/0804/0806/0808/0812 To get professional service, we have some questions for you, please try to answer in your enquiry: 1.What machine do you use the stage on? 2.How long stroke do need the linear be? 3.How is the load and speed need? 4.Do need motor and accessory together? If need OEM or other special requirement, please tell us.



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Guía lineal de husillo de bolas

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