Calce macizo M-Tech®S
de acero inoxidablede plásticode metales

calce macizo
calce macizo
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macizo, de acero inoxidable, de plástico, de metales


M-Tech®S Solid, non-laminated shims starting from 0.005 mm thickness Tolerance compensation with shims made of solid sheet metals and solid shims, which we manufacture in accordance with customers’ specifications, are the classics in tolerance compensation. Depending on the choice of material thicknesses, M-Tech®S shims will render possible very fine tuning steps. Different processing methods are used: punching, laser (fine) cutting, turning, milling and grinding. Logistically, individual production, as well as full assortments, are offered in customer-specific packaging. Grinded shims and their ranges of magnetic steels are manufactured from 0.4mm, in accuracy of 0.01 mm. Laminated with double-sided adhesive tape, M-Tech®S parts can be used for many different applications, such as assembly assistance and for cladding or shielding. Metallic and chemical surface protection methods from our long-time qualified partners are also integrated in the supply chain.


* Los precios no incluyen impuestos, gastos de entrega ni derechos de exportación. Tampoco incluyen gastos de instalación o de puesta en marcha. Los precios se dan a título indicativo y pueden cambiar en función del país, del coste de las materias primas y de los tipos de cambio.