Maza-péndulo para plástico HIT-2492, HIT-2494
IZODpara prueba de Charpypara ensayo según Izod

maza-péndulo para plástico
maza-péndulo para plástico
maza-péndulo para plástico
maza-péndulo para plástico
maza-péndulo para plástico
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para prueba de Charpy, para ensayo según Izod, para plástico, IZOD


Description:Charpy/lzod Impact Teser is a high performance impact tester designed to precisely determine the absorbed impact energy and resistance to breakage of plastic specimens Features 1. The innovative design allows this tester to be used for both Izod and Charpy test. 2.Unique and innovative design: vice and pendulum allows operator to run alternatively Charpy and Izod tests withou changing the instrument geometry. 3. Impact speeds of 2.9m/s & 3.5m/s(or 3. 8m/s &3. 5m/s) as well as multiple impact energies can be generated by one pendulum. 4. High mass, traditional pendulum design concentrates energy at the impact point with minimal energy loss due to vibration. 5. The electrics contain a high-resolution encoder for accurate measurement of the impact angel. 6. Touch screen control for quick and easy input of parameters, interactive software allows for users input regarding omplete, partial hinge broken and non-broken samples. 7. Tester connected to PC through RS232 interface for direct data acquisition. Test data can be saved or exported using the included software package. 8. Results are automatically corrected for energy loss due to air and mechanical friction. 9. Multiple safety protection ensures the operation safety of operators. 10. Brake and Notch centering device are equipped for convenient operation. 11 Pass CANS T0645 impact test.



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