cámara de pruebas de resistencia al ozono / de envejecimiento / para la industria farmacéutica

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cámara de pruebas de resistencia al ozono cámara de pruebas de resistencia al ozono


  • Tipo:

    de resistencia al ozono, de envejecimiento

  • Aplicaciones:

    para la industria farmacéutica


Equipment preparation and structural features:
1.Air circulation device: Built-in circulation air duct, the test airflow is evenly parallel from the top to the bottom of the test piece, in line with the national standard.
2.Integrated ozone concentration and temperature controller (setting mode is light touch button type), high integration, good reliability, LED display, display resolution temperature (0.1 °C), humidity (0.1% RH), ozone concentration (1pphm ), PID set value control, easy to operate.
3.The electromagnetic air pump provides high-quality air source, oil-free drying, and ensures the long-term reliability of the pneumatic system.
4.The dual-light-speed ultraviolet ozone detector is an instrument developed by Shanghai University and our company to meet the internationally recognized standards for ozone detection. It has stable performance and automatic zero control. The ozone-free cold light source has long life and high precision.

Ozone aging Test Chamber Instructions:
Ozone aging Test Chamber is mainly suitable for polymer materials and products (rubber) of the resistance to ozone aging performance test. Ozone content in the atmosphere is very low, but it is the main factors of polymer materials aging. Ozone aging test chamber simulating and strengthen the ozone condition in the atmosphere, get approximate to actual use or reproduction of the test results in a short time. The studay of ozone effect regulation to rubber products, quickly identify and evaluate rubber materials resistance to ozone and antiozonant protection efficiency method,and then take effective aging proof measures to improve the service life of rubber products.