estiro-sopladora / para botellas PET / para botellas PP / para contenedores



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    para botellas PET, para botellas PP, para contenedores

  • Otras características:

    totalmente automática, para la industria del aceite alimenticio, para la industria de las bebidas, con llenado de botellas, rotativa


The new EBS K ERGON models, available in 2-, 3- and 4-cavity versions, offer all advantages of the rotary technology for the production of PET containers up to 3 litres with a maximum output of 2200 bottles/hour per cavity for the 0,5-liter format.
• The preform heating section is integrated with the stretch blow-molding section (blowing wheel) in a single, very compact module, which can be installed even in small bottling lines.
• The structure that contains the tunnel and the blowing-wheel is equipped with safety doors that are slightly rounded, providing more space inside the machine to perform cleaning and maintenance tasks easily and safely.
• The stretch-blowing wheel is equipped with motorized stretch rods controlled by electronic drives and do not require mechanical cams: it ensures precise control of the stretch rod's travel and position, as well as significant energy savings.
• The stretch-blow molding system uses high-performance, low dead-volume valves that reduce pre-blowing and blowing times, thereby improving the machine efficiency and the quality of the bottles produced.
• The mechanical assembly of the mold is equipped with its own motorization, which ensures the utmost precision for the up/down motion of the mold bottom and the opening/closing of the mold-holder unit;
• The system is controlled by the Motornet System® for automation and control, which ensures constant maintenance of optimum processing parameters throughout the entire production cycle
• The blowing pressure is automatically regulated according to bottle format;
• The machine comes standard with a two-stage air recovery system.
• Very attractive quality/price ratio